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"Village Theatre Finds Winning 'Funny Girl' "

       -Micha Berson Seattle Times

"Sarah Rose Davis is Fittingly unremarkable as modest Maggie- until she opens her mouth and delivers the show's most striking vocal performance ("At The Ballet")

       -Mark Baumgarten Seattle Weekly News

"Davis is disarmingly gauche and driven- Davis can execute a good pratfall, swoon amusingly over Fanny's debonair future husband, gambler Nicky Arnstein, and make a certain blend of chutzpah and insecurity seem charming" (Funny Girl)

         -Micha Berson Seattle Times

"Davis and Juan made for adorable star-crossed lovers with their high ideals. Davis brings in the funny coupled with that killer voice making her a force to be reckoned with." (Urinetown)

          - Jay Irwin BWW

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