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Vocal Reel

"And then there’s Davis as King. This performance is one for the ages. She manages the emotional and storytelling side of the performance beautifully but her vocals are unmatched. Not only crystal clear and super powerful and engaged in the emotion of the moment, but you’d have thought you were listening to Carole King on that stage. This is her best performance yet and she takes this iconic role and runs away with it."

    - Broadway World

"This role feels like a long time coming for Davis, who’s made a name for herself over the years as one of Seattle’s preeminent musical theater stars: a versatile, charismatic performer who can wail in “Rock of Ages,” belt like Fanny Brice in “Funny Girl” and hit the vocal zenith of “A Chorus Line” as Maggie in the trio number, “At the Ballet.”

    -Seattle Times 


"Sarah Rose Davis is Fittingly unremarkable as modest Maggie- until she opens her mouth and delivers the show's most striking vocal performance ("At The Ballet")

       -Mark Baumgarten Seattle Weekly News

"Davis is disarmingly gauche and driven- Davis can execute a good pratfall, swoon amusingly over Fanny's debonair future husband, gambler Nicky Arnstein, and make a certain blend of chutzpah and insecurity seem charming" (Funny Girl)

         -Micha Berson Seattle Times

"Davis and Juan made for adorable star-crossed lovers with their high ideals. Davis brings in the funny coupled with that killer voice making her a force to be reckoned with." (Urinetown)

          - Broadway World

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